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3 Important Questions to Ask a Letting or Real Estate Agent

Possibly the best choice that you simply can make if you have to sell your house or a property that you just own, is to work with an estate agent. I, for example, have hired one of the most effective estate agents Brighton could provide me with, and I can only say that I’m really glad I did. 

Also, in case you want to let a property, it really is also a superb idea to work with a letting agent, due to the fact they will take lots of trouble off your hands. And here’s where you can find the best letting agents Brighton. 

Anyway, the reason I’m writing this report is not to tell you that it’s a good idea to hire a letting agent or an estate agent, but to give you an idea of what questions should you ask them, in case you want them hired. So, right here are a couple of concerns that you simply must ask letting agents, and here are a few questions that you should ask letting agents, to determine if they are experienced and they will provide you with the results you need.

Questions that you should ask estate agents

Apart from the “Just how much do you charge?” which should be a question that anyone should ask any service provider, here are other questions to determine if a real estate agent is reliable.

1. How several homes have you sold in my neighborhood so far? Although any estate agent should be able to sell any home, anywhere, because that’s their job, if you find out they have sold quite a few homes or properties in the neighborhood of your property, would be preferable.

2. How a lot of other men and women do you presently represent? In general, the busiest the agent, the more effective and reliable he should be. Even if they are too busy for you at a certain moment and you will have to make an appointment, you should still give it a try and see what they can do for you. 

3. What will be a fair price to ask for my property? If you have chosen an agent with a bit of history of sales for your area, they should be able to give you an answer right away. 

Questions to ask a letting agent

The questions that you should ask your letting agent, in case you want to work with one should be almost the same as the one for an estate agent. However, considering that the long your property remains without tenant, the more money you lose, the main question for a letting agent should be:

1. Do you own a web site? If they do, they surely have lots of online visibility and they will probably find you a tenant in the shortest time possible. 

2. Do you have a list of potential tenants? Almost any letting agent should have one. That’s their job. If they do, you should be almost certain that they already have at least a few tenants for your property.

3. In case a tenant stops paying rent, how do you proceed? Well, considering they will choose a reliable tenant for your property, after a rigorous background check, it probably won’t come to that. But just in case, you should ask this question and make sure your letting agent is prepared for drastic measures as well.